Hi, I’m Naman.

I’m a seventeen year-old student and developer from India, currently studying computer science at the University of Waterloo.

You can click to see my resume, visit my blog, or check out my web development projects below. Ways to contact me are linked below as well.

The Girl Code

The Girl Code is a nonprofit organization that aims to inspire confidence in girls that they can code.

I was the lead backend developer on their open source online learning platform using NodeJS and MongoDB, which teaches Python in an interactive manner by letting them interact with the language and write their own code.

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Compati is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to test different browsers from the comfort of your own, by simulating different rendering engines locally in JavaScript.

I built a prototype of Compati for eSpice 2017. The video was made by Arimit Bhattacharya.



Watson is a search engine with a focus on research - it lets you preview search results before you open them, and it lets you save relevant search results as "pinboards", which can be saved for later use.

I created Watson for the preliminary round of Build at Exun 2017, and helped write the case study. Graphics and the video were provided by Arimit Bhattacharya.

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Wikpedia, the free online encyclopedia, needs no introduction. For the preliminary round of XINO 2018, we were asked to redesign Wikipedia.

Apart from a visual redesign, I added to the site some useful features, like the ability to take notes and save them for later reference, to bookmark important pages, and to summarize lengthy pages with the SMMRY API. Design and graphics were provided by Manan Dua.

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I appreciate everything from a pull request to an email. Hit me up and I’ll get in touch as soon as I can.


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Naman Sood